Monday, August 9, 2010

Taste of Melbourne 2010 - Long lunch tickets giveaway

Calling all foodies - it's so ridiculously easy to WIN a FREE DOUBLE PASS to Friday's long lunch at this year's Taste of Melbourne festival, you'd be mad not to enter!

The festival runs over four days, providing a golden opportunity to catch up with chefs, see live cooking demonstrations, and enjoy gourmet produce.  The best thing about the festival is the "choose your own adventure" style of eating.  You purchase your ticket depending on a preferred session time (lunch or dinner), and use the festival currency, - known as 'crowns' - to peruse and buy whatever takes your fancy from some of Melbourne's best restaurants.

Some of this year's fabulous food establishments include big names like Longrain, maze, Stokehouse, and Embrasse, plus many others sure to tempt the tastebuds.  In addition, there's a produce market with dozens of stalls, and speciality areas where you can check out demonstrations, wine tasting, Yarra Valley farmer's market and cocktail making.  This has surely got to be foodie heaven.

The festival runs over four days from August 26-29.  Tickets for standard entry come with a free Gourmet Traveller magazine and cost $27.50 if pre-purchased online.  However, I'm running a little competition for blog readers to win one of THREE, free double passes.  All you have to do is write me a quick comment below on your favourite restaurant or producer featuring in this year's festival along with your email address, (and join my blog, if you aren't already a faithful member) by midday this Friday 13th August. 

The three winners will be drawn randomly and will be notified via email.  Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Hey Karen
Ooohhhh the Stokehouse was my all time favourite place! The view from the restaurant and the selection on the menu was amazing.. The desserts were also the winner!!! Oh I love that place!

foodiefile said...

Hey there Karen! Love the blog!!! Hopefully we can catch at Taste for a gass of bubbles!! My fave featured would have to be the pop up Izakaya Den - their sake mojito's are amazing!!!!!!! Cheers!!! Matt Foodie Grigg / /

Scented Stars said...

The Palace by Luke Mangan. loving the menu,

trying to find where to subscribe to your blog

DONNA said...

Does it have to be a restuarant or can it be a cafe/shop/bakery? I love The Oasis - can't wait to go back there - I've just posted about it in my blog - (sorry sad self-promotion but it is relevant!!!) I also loved The Red Door Cornerstore in Northcote - more of a cafe haunter at the moment with the kids! Oh - and you would appreciate this Karen - Im booked in to go to the Chocolate Bar at the Langham for my bday with my gal pals - CAN'T WAIT!!! I will make sure I put it in my blog so you can have a sticky beak - have you been there at all??? My kind of high tea! ;) Dx

K_Bom said...

Hi Donna, no I haven't been to the Langham for their chocolate high tea yet but it sounds divine! Please do let me know how it goes, if you like you're welcome to write an article up here! I'll give you authoring access and send you some instructions if you're interested! Thanks!

DONNA said...

That sounds great Karen I would love to! I will need instructions for sure though - still getting the hang of this blogging thing! Do you have a button I can put on my blog or should I just save the home page under my favourite blogs part? Dx

K_Bom said...

Donna - what's your email address, I'll send you some info.

Thanks, Karen :-)

K_Bom said...

I've drawn the winners and am happy to announce the following lucky entrants get a free double pass to the Taste of Melbourne Friday long lunch!

Scented Stars

Congratulations guys, I may see you there!

Cheerios, K_bom

david said...

ohhh... missed out... damn!