Monday, February 22, 2010

Welcome to my Kitchen!

Perhaps it's not the healthiest thing; but my life tends to revolve around food. What to eat, when, how, where - the why is not necessarily important (even if not particularly hungry I can still be coaxed into eating, especially if it involves a new experience, and I just can't say no to something spicy). A good meal - shared among friends, family, or even strangers - can inspire conversation, passion, laughter, affection.

Amazing food doesn't have to be gourmet or expensive. Sometimes the most enjoyable food experiences I've had involved two to three basic ingredients and five minutes' preparation. My only 'rule' in making every day a great "foodie" day is variety. Oh, and NO fast food chains or pre-packaged junk. I have been known to occasionally indulge in both of these things, especially when arriving home from a long day at the office, mentally exhausted and starving. But when you can just as easily grab a decent tom yum soup from the local noodle franchise - piping hot, spicy and tangy with lemon and herbs - for the same price as a happy meal, should there really be any dilemma?

Thinking back over the years since moving to Melbourne (I hailed from a small Victorian country town when I was 18, bought up on meat 'n' three veg my whole life), I realise I've since been fortunate enough to have some wonderfully diverse and amazing food experiences. I now actively seek out ways to enjoy different foods daily and excitedly discuss them with other foodie friends - and wondered if anyone else would be interested to read about them?

So. My undertaking is to log food experiences - dining in or out - with fellow amateur foodies and share the journey (good or bad). So, thanks for reading, and please feel free to comment or provide suggestions along the way.

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Evan said...

Top stuff for making a blog big sis! I'm hopefully going to have a website and blog set up for my photographic pursuits sometime this year too :)
i'll have to come visit one weekend soon and you can cook up a storm (good excuse for me not to cook)